Kylie Jenner Says Lil’ Baby Stormi Webster Looks “Just Like Me”

Um, attention please because Kylie Jenner has blessed us with more news about Stormi Webster. It may be just a little Tweet but we’ll take it!  Since giving birth to her daughter on Feb 1st, Kylie is slowly making a comeback to her multiple social media thrones and boy are we livin’ for it. First were the glam shots on Instagram including a totes casual pic in a Bentley (no big deal guys). Then were the cute snaps of her and beau, Travis Scott on his Snapchat with an artsy (or just plain blah) caption and surgical masks over their face because it’s an edgy look these days.

And now, there’s this. 

After a seriously devoted fan (@welovekylie) asked her how little Stormi’s doing, Kylie responded with the below:

Unfortunately, we don’t actually have a real pic of Stormi to aggressively like on Instagram just yet since Mama Jenner wants to keep things private but if all the other Kardashian babies have taught us one thing, we know she’s going to be adorable. And have a million followers in a heartbeat, and probably is a millionaire already, and sent free high-farshunnn and limited edition clothing and shoes. Ugh, ugh, UGH.

Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before we get the first real glimpse of Stormi. We’ve had her lil’ fingers wrapped around Kylie’s in that Insta pic with 17 million likes and counting. And who can forget the eleven minute video we all watched for a peek of Stormi, only to be teased with a pregnant Kylie holding Chicago West. Like cool, but not the already famous baby we want to see right now, soz Kimberly. 

Also half-sister Khloe’s pregnant with her first child and sharing all the pics like Kylie, PLEASE.

So you know, whenever you’re ready girl ‘cos making us wait nine months is so 2017.