After months of estrangement following the earth-shattering cheating scandal, Kylie Jenner and ex-bestie Jordyn Woods have reportedly reunited and (we’re sure) it feels so good.

TMZ reports that the gruesome twosome bumped into each other while partying on Friday night at popular nightclub Bootsy Bellows to celebrate Stassie Karanikolaou’s birthday.

Considering it was a packed out venue with loads of people, the minute Kylie got wind of her former friend’s attendance, she surely could’ve slipped out the side to avoid an encounter but she did nothing of the sort.

In fact, Jenner reportedly went out of her way to speak to Woods. Kylie was at the party for just half an hour in the “top-level” VIP section, while Jordyn was only there for about 20 minutes in the “lower section.”

When the lip kit guru spotted Jord in the lower section, she went down to say hi.

Insiders told the gossip mongers that the pair “spoke with each other briefly inside the VIP area.”

Onlookers revealed the gals were all smiles as they caught up and there were nothing but “good vibes” between them.

Wanna know the awkward part though?

Apparently the bloke in the centre of the scandal was also in attendance: one Tristan Thompson.

But it’s sounding like neither of the girls paid him any attention (nor should they have) as he rolled in with Drake and stuck to himself.


Meanwhile another report from E! reveals that Kylie and Jordyn’s “relationship is on the road to recovery” and they’ve begun texting again.

Whether or not they will be BFFs again remains to be seen but at least they can be at the same event without launching shoes at each other.

Image: Getty Images