Once again, Kyle Sandilands has effortlessly spurted more repulsive bullshit live on air. In an interview with The Bachelorette‘s Angie Kent, Kyle asked her about the men on the show. Specifically, if Channel 10 had thrown in “a few blacks” for her.

Let’s be clear here, this isn’t an on air gaffe, a silly mistake, a slip of the tongue, or whatever you want to call it. This is Kyle Sandilands living up to his gutter reputation, and still being paid to do it. Because being casually racist on a mainstream radio station is apparently fine in Australia.

During some chatter about rose ceremonies, Kyle interrupted the conversation to straight up ask: “Were there any black men in there? Did they throw a few blacks in for you?”

Just – just – what the fuck

Even for Kyle Sandilands – and it’s stupid to type that, I know – this is surely another level of deeply fucked. 

“I asked for all shapes and sizes,” Angie answered. She also referenced an earlier interview she did with Kyle, in which he asked whether or not The Bachelorette producers had cast a “wheelchair person” in her season.

“Did they bring in any shade of races?” Kyle continued. There’s a sentence you could’ve said a handful of other ways. But of course Kyle went with the most cringe.

Yes, Angie answered which Kyle deemed “good”.

This entire part of the interview, of Kyle being gross, has been posted on the Kyle & Jackie O Show’s Twitter. It hasn’t been deleted. Probably because this is considered normal/good content for the team.

Two words: Big sigh.

We’ll let you know if Kyle mumbles a non-apology on air. I doubt it though. Or maybe he’ll lop it in with whatever he’s forced to apologise for next, re: saying the Virgin Mary was not in fact a virgin. And, he called anyone who believes it “dumb as dog shit.”