Ex Home And Away Star Kristy Wright Reveals She Dated Dieter Brummer In Devastating Insta Post

kristy wright dieter brummer

Former Home and Away star Kristy Wright has revealed she had a private relationship with Dieter Brummer in a heartbreaking Instagram post on Monday night, following the news of his death over the weekend.

Wright posted a series of photos of Brummer from when they dated in the 90s, revealing that they began their relationship when she was 17. She had just started her role as Chloe Richards on the Aussie soap, while he was just finishing up his role as the iconic heartthrob, Shane Parrish.

“I’m not sure how we did it but we managed to keep our relationship out of the eyes of the scrutinising media,” she wrote.

“Our young love was able to blossom in private.”

Kristy went on to reflect about their first date together at Balmoral Beach, where they sat and talked for almost 10 hours “discussing everything from the cosmos to our childhoods and our hopes and dreams”, and recognised how surreal it felt to be dating one of Australia’s biggest teen stars.

“I was a young girl from the burbs and he was Australia’s heartthrob,” she wrote.

“But… he was so normal! So down to earth, but still so interesting.”

Kristy said that they fell in love quickly, and found safety and security in each other from the beginning, and fast became best friends.

“We were each others’ safety blankets and we were best friends,” she wrote.

“Even after we broke up years later, our friendship never died.”

Kristy reminisced of the time her and Dieter dated, noting that they “weren’t really into parties and fancy industry events”, instead spending their weekends escaping Sydney to go camping around Australia with their dogs.

“Those times spent together shaped me in the most profound way,” she wrote.

“He was intelligent, funny and challenging. He had high expectations of people because he knew that we as a species were capable of so much more.”

She recognised that as a notoriously private person, she wasn’t going to share more about who Dieter was away from the cameras, but said she was “so grateful” that they had remained friends over the last 25 years, and that he was someone she knew she could call at any hour.

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