Kristen Stewart Has Been Cast As Princess Diana In A Biopic And Punters Are Royally Pissed

Wondering why you’re seeing pics of Kristen Stewart and Princess Diana all over social media? You guessed it – your girl’s been cast as the iconic Royal in an upcoming biopic, Spencer.

Jackie director Pablo Larrain is reportedly directing the flick while Steven Knight is set to write the script. Production is expected to begin in early 2021.

Priness Diana

The film centres on a weekend in the early 1990s when Diana decided to separate from Prince Charles (good riddance). We’ll see one of her final Christmas holidays with the House of Windsor at the Sandringham estate, plus her wedding in 1981.

We’ll also see the downfall of their relationship, what with his extramarital affairs, and eventual separation in 1992 and divorce in 1996.

Then, of course, her untimely death in Paris in 1997.

Naturally, social media has been very vocal about their thoughts on the casting and general consensus is: one is not amused.