We Finally Know Which Celeb Kim Kardashian Booted Out Of Their Vacay In That Infamous KUWTK Scene

Remember that time many, many moons ago when Kim Kardashian and a select group of mates went on a vacay, and during said vacay the reality star booted an unknown girlfriend of Scott Disick‘s from the hotel?

Well, the whole thing was documented on Keeping Up With The Kardashians back in 2017.

In the scene, we see Kim enter the toot of Scott’s room only to find a gal hiding in there. Unfortunately we don’t see her face, we just see Kim cussing her out.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked the woman. “Seriously? You’re just like a fucking whore. Such a tramp. Get your shit and get the fuck out of here. Fucking groupie. Get your shit and security will escort you the fuck out of here!”

For years people have been wondering which of Scott Disick’s celebrity girlfriends it could be.

Was it Bella Thorne? Sofia Richie? Was it one of the many models he’s been spied with?

After the scene started popping up again on TikTok, someone wrote in to Deuxmoi asking if the goss guru could put feelers out to suss who it was once and for all.

“TikTok has been resurfacing the theory about Bella Thorne being the girl locked in the bathroom when Kim confronted her,” the curious fan wrote.

“Can we PLEASE get to the bottom of who was actually in Scott Disick’s bathroom once and for all? Sooo many TikToks / theories of it being Bella Thorne but no one has really confirmed or denied. We need answers!!!” 

In no time at all, someone responded, insisting that the gal was model Bella Banos.

It certainly checks out. The pair started dating in 2017, right around the time that the episode was filmed, and they’ve been on-and-off since then.


“Bella Thorne was not the one in the hotel with Scott when Kim caught him,” the anonymous tea-spiller shared.

“It was Bella Banos who is a model he’s been connected with in the past. He used to fly her out all of the time. Went to high school with her and have reliable sources from there.”

So there you have it! Riddle solved.

Praise the lawd for Deuxmoi.

With that said, I’m not really loving the way Kim Kardashian handled the situation.

Sure, she was annoyed that someone snuck into the group trip that she planned, but calling someone a tramp and a whore is never OK. Reality show or not.

Shame on you, Kim. And you, Scott Disick, for not defending her.