Viral Footage Shows Kim K Copping ‘A Chorus Of Boos’ When She Appeared On-Screen At The Footy

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Kim Kardashian copped the humbling of a lifetime after getting booed by the crowd at a football game.

The reality star attended the Rams vs Cowboys game at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles over the weekend and when she was introduced on the big game screens, she was met with “a chorus of boos,” according to Page Six.

The footage has subsequently gone viral on social media, with some folks praising the booers for their booing of Kim Kardashian while others called out the nastiness of it all.

Here’s what spectators on Twitter had to say about the whole thing:

I’m in two minds about it.

On one hand, she recently shamelessly walked the runway with dirty fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana which was a huge slap in the face since they’ve been shamelessly racist, sexist, homophobic and fatphobic in the past.

But also, with everything that’s happening with Kanye West right now, all she wanted to do was attend a footy game with her kids as a distraction and this is the reception she’s met with.

The whole thing is icky. This is why I hate sports, they create a wall of tension and confusion and I can never take a firm stand because I have no fucken idea what’s going on.

ICYMI: Kanye West’s Instagram and Twitter pages have been locked after he made anti-semitic comments inciting violence on the Jewish community.

Twitter has since released a statement, saying the decision to bar him from posting is because his tweet violated the app’s policies against hate speech.

“The account in question has been locked due to a violation of Twitter’s policies,” a spokesperson for the platform told BuzzFeed News.

Meta has also restricted West’s Instagram account after the rapper made an antisemitic post in which he appeared to suggest the rapper Diddy was under the control of Jewish people, NBC News reported.

Last week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunited at their 9-year-old daughter North’s basketball game.

The rapper wore that fucked “White Lives Matter” tee to the outing, the same shirt that made headlines at his Paris Fashion Week show.