Sling Us Your Teen Dilemmas And We’ll Answer With Advice (And Movie Tix)

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

When you take a job as a professional journo, you’ve kinda gotta see yourself as a bit of a know-it-all, or at least someone who really wants to know it all. We’ve got what my mum would call a “curious nature”, which is code for “Stop going through my drawers, you snoop.” Even when I was a teenager I really thought I had the answers to absolutely everything, because I read a lot.

Turns out, I did NOT. So when things became a struggle – whether it was because of some crush, my pest of a little brother, a major friendship emergency, or because I was brimming with hormones –  I went to my support networks for help.

Well, your pals at PEDESTRIAN.TV, big time know-it-alls (or trying to be), want you to know that anything you’re going through is totally normal, and we went through it too.

Kids Helpline – Speak to Me campaign

That’s why we’re aiming to help answer – with a little help from our mates at Kids Helpline – any teen issue-related questions you might have. Think of us as like Dolly Doctor (RIP) for your generation. Think of us as sage wizards, stroking extremely long beards and spouting meme-heavy wisdom.

Now, to sweeten the deal, if you’re willing to share with us a burning question you want the answer to in 25 words or less, we’re giving away a stack of $50 Event Cinemas vouchers. Basically: tell us above  what to do (who doesn’t love that?) and you might cop some free movie tix, so you can finally see Aquaman (I really LOVE that).

Kids Helpline is a great resource if you feel you need a hand coping with issues around your identity, your mental health and your relationships. Reaching out is the first step – they’re here for you, anytime, any reason. Don’t hesitate to give ’em a call on 1800 55 1800.