Fans Reckon Khloé Might Be Back With Root Rat Tristan ‘Cos Of A Deleted Insta Story

Photos of Khloe Kardashian in a pink dress, pink peonies on a table posed by Khloe on Instagram and Tristan Thompson walking in a black shirt and orange pants

Just when we thought Khloé Kardashian had finally ditched full-time philanderer Tristan Thompson for a stock-standard man, she’s gone ahead and bamboozled us. This time, it’s by seemingly thanking him for sending her flowers for her 38th birthday via Instagram story, deleting said story and then uploading it again without mentioning him.

In the wise words of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: “Ah shit, here we go again.”

Per PageSix, eagle-eyed TikTokker Hannah Kosh spotted the not-so-sneaky story sitch and compared the pair in a video.

@hannahkosh♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

The first photo showed some positively delightful pink peonies sitting on a table. Tristan was tagged in the story and Koko wrote: “Thank you.”

pink peonies on a table uploaded by Khloe Kardashian on Instagram
The arrangement is also vaguely… phallic? (@khloekardashian / Instagram)

She then deleted the story and uploaded another shot of the peonies sans the tag and text.

And I honestly hope this doesn’t mean what I think it means.

Based on the comments left on the TikTok, fans were similarly frazzled at the prospect of Khloé and Tristan reuniting.

Celebrity makeup artist @MannyMua — aka Manny Gutierrez — said: “I can’t do this anymore,” while TikTok user @aggieeeeeee commented: “If this woman don’t let this man GO,” which are both sentiments that perfectly embody what is going on in my brain.

Fans are also going off chops on Reddit, with user @doesitspread taking Flowergate to the next level.

“Highjacking your comment to talk about the real tea, which is that I’m pretty sure these are peonies. They only bloom once a year for about a week… in like late May/early June in northern states (probably more like April around there?),” they said.

The real tea… I’m listening.

“Unless peonies are in bloom in Canada right now and these were imported, this photo is a month or so old.”

Something tells me flower wholesalers have their own way of sourcing peonies from across the globe to ensure a steady supply all year round but I still love this energy. I’ve got a feeling that Kris Jenner would be loving these investigative skills.

Let’s pray that Khloé was only being polite by tagging Tristan in the OG story and then had some sort of brain fart and smashed the delete button (we’ve all been there) because the alternative is far, far worse… the return of root rat Tristan.