This Pic Of Kendall Jenner Sent The Internet Into A Tizzy But Here’s Why It’s Not What It Seems

Kendall Jenner has sent the internet into a frenzy when a sneaky paparazzo shot a pic of the model that made her look like she was heavily pregnant.

The 27-year-old is dating rapper Bad Bunny AKA Benito Ocasio and X (formerly Twitter) obviously popped off at the mere thought of a mini version of the two celebs.

“Kendall Jenner being pregnant was not part of my 2023 bingo card,” one user wrote on the site.

“If Kendall Jenner is pregnant I don’t think I’ll survive,” wrote another and yeah, same.

Turns out though these pregnant pics were simply an optical illusion captured by a photographer and not a pregnancy announcement — we should’ve known Kris Jenner would never allow a reveal like this if Kendall was really expecting.

Turns out the baby bump in question was actually just the bum of a woman walking behind her and I wish I had enough junk in the trunk to be mistaken for a baby bump.

The reveal of this unfortunate optical illusion didn’t come quite soon enough to ease speculation — and for the record, you shouldn’t speculate on whether someone is or isn’t pregnant, period.

But the rumours were finally put to bed.

“Kendall Jenner is NOT pregnant. There is a woman standing next to her whose bum is creating the illusion of pregnancy,” one account posted.

“Imagine being so thick you ended up in the headlines being Kendall Jenner’s baby bump,” a user commented, and that’s exactly what I’m sayin’!

Alas, for now all we have is this optical illusion, I’ll report back when the internet eventually uncovers the identity of the woman walking behind Kendall that made it all possible.