Fans Think Harry Styles Might Be The Softboi Behind Kendall Jenner’s Love Letter

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles never officially confirmed their relationship, but since when does the ‘truth’ get in the way of a good fan theory? Answer: almost never.

Ever since Kendall and the One Direction singer were first connected back in 2014, the internet has collectively (and fervently) stanned the possibility of the couple dating. And, to be fair, there’s been some compelling evidence.

Over the years, the pair have been snapped on multiple holidays together – further fuelling the belief that they might be dating.

Heck, even Kendall’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, admitted that she was pretty sure they were an item in 2016, saying:

“They were hanging out together. Do I think they’re dating? Yes. I don’t know if they’re like boyfriend-girlfriend. Nowadays, I don’t know, people are weird with stuff. So I don’t know their ‘title,’” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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“But I mean, they were in St. Barts together hanging out, so to me that’s dating. I would call that dating.”

Now the rumour mill is going into overdrive once more after Kendall shared a love letter from a secret admirer on her Instagram account overnight, and fans can’t help wondering if it’s from Hazza.

Here’s the image of the ~lurve~ letter in question:

kendall jenner harry styles
Instagram Stories: @kendalljenner

For those who can’t quite read the emphatic ode to Kendall, here’s what it says:

“Dear Kendall, We may be miles apart but my love for you grows stronger & stronger by the minute. My innermost feeling is love for you. I will love you until death separates us.

“Right now this separation is killing me, but in my heart I know that nothing could come close to separating us. We are united into one forever, body & soul and I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart.”

First of all, WOOOOOWWW. Soft boi central over here.

Second, whoever gave that writer their pen licence should be very proud right now. That cursive script is on point.

But, most important, who is it actually from?

Naturally the internet went full-Sherlock Holmes, trying to decipher whether this elegant prose matches Harry’s:

The conclusion? While it’s possible Harry’s the author, given some ~very scientific~ conjectures about his handwriting, it’s not definite.

So, could the letter be from Ben Simmons, the basketball player Ken’s been recently linked to?

Until Twitter uncovers photographic evidence of Ben’s handwriting, it seems the jury’s still out. The only thing left to do now is sit and wait.