Keira Knightley Pregnant With Nu-Rave Klaxons Baby

Of all the blog posts that will inevitably be written today about pregnant women the world over, you’ve chosen to start your day by reading one about Keira Knightley, all gamine and purse-mouthed, who has reportedly been taken up the Hillary Duff by one third of the once popular nu-rave outfit, Klaxons
What does that say about you? Better yet, what does that say about Society?
Vogue have apparently confirmed that Knightley – Jane Austen’s favourite It-Girl – is hella with child having finally consummated last year’s marriage to James Righton, all of whom – baby included – are pictured above in heavenly tableau. Have you ever seen a more handsome family? No, you haven’t.
Evidence supporting this theory that has also been postulated in similarly as rigorous academic journals, like Hello! Magazine includes a dress Knightley wore to the British Independent Film Awards of a recent Sunday evening. The silhouette? ‘Loose’, as opposed to Knightley’s preferred silhouette, ‘not pregnant’. I’m sold.
Knightley was also today nominated for a Golden Globe for her work opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game – a period film, natch. 
Not sure what the Klaxons are up to?

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images