Katy Perry Spent Her Entire Time On The ‘MasterChef’ Set Trolling The Shit Out Of Contestants

MasterChef’s resident KatyCat Reece Hignell has spilled the tea on what it was like to meet his idol on last night’s episode of the hit cooking show.

A whopping 942,000 people tuned in to watch last night’s episode and honestly, I don’t blame them because it was by far the best episode in recent years. Katy Perry called Jock “Daddy” and Reece “the tits.” It was some truly *chefs kiss* television.

But possibly the only person who enjoyed the episode more than I did was ol’ Reece Hignell himself, who is a self-confessed KatyCat.

In an interview with News.com.au, Reece discussed what it was like to meet Perry, who guest-judged last night’s episode.

Prior to the episode, contestants were told they’d *really* want to get into this week’s immunity challenge, but they weren’t aware that they’d be cooking for such a famous guest.

“The judges said to us the day before, ‘If you ever want to get into an immunity challenge, tomorrow is the one you want to be in,’” Reece said. “So we expected something good, but we thought it would be something along the lines of we’d all win immunity.”

In the spirit of twist week (which, until this moment, was complete and utter dog shit), the judges surprised Hignell and the rest of the contestants with Katy Perry.

“But no, it was the best twist ever,” he said. “We lost our minds completely. It just didn’t seem like something that would ever happen.”

They say you should never meet your idols, because they’re often pretty disappointing IRL. But thankfully, it sounds like our girl Katy Perry lived up to all expectations during her appearance on the show.

“She walked in and did not leave,” he said. “The whole time she was there, she was on. She didn’t leave the floor once.”

But in addition to not having any diva moments and staying on the floor like a true judge, Perry also kept the contestants (and the audience) entertained with her constant tomfoolery and trolling. I mean, somebody needs to slap “put it in my mouth daddy” on a t-shirt already. ICONIC.

“She spent the whole time walking around trolling us, but it was the most endearing thing,” Reece told news.com.ay “She was like, ‘Oh, is this cake going to cook in time?’ I was like, ‘Katy, it’s got half an hour to cook,’ and she said, ‘Hmm, cakes take longer than half an hour.’ I was like, ‘Leave me alone!’”

To make Reece’s experience just that *little* bit more special, Katy even hung around after the episode to engage in a bit of casual chit-chat.

“I had a chat to her for about five minutes,” Reece said, before describing how Perry was shocked that the contestants cooked without a recipe. “We were just chatting about the competition and she was in disbelief that we have to walk in every day and cook without a recipe.”

I’m not quite sure what’s so shocking about the contestants cooking without a recipe. I mean, you probably can’t call yourself a MasterChef if you’re merely following a recipe.

“She was shocked that we had to come up with all of our ideas on the spot, so that was really cool that she gave us a bit of respect,” Reece said.

Despite being seemingly unaware of the fact that the contestants cook without a recipe (which seems like an important detail), I’m still convinced Katy Perry deserves to be a permanent member of the MasterChef Australia judging panel.