Kim K, Very Rich, Got Rick And Morty To Sing Kanye West A Birthday Song

Kanye West aged another year yesterday and to celebrate, Kim Kardashian West had Rick and Morty write him an original birthday song which doubled as a birthday card because a funny one from Typo is just unacceptable.

In other words, rich people doing rich people stuff.

Kanye, who turned 41, is a major Rick and Morty fan and once wrote on his Twitter that he had watched every episode at least five times and was super glad the show had been renewed for another 70 episodes.

And so to continue what has been an extremely Kanye-dominated week, Kim posted the news of the tune to her Twitter:

Voiced by none other than series co-creator and champion voice-actor Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty begin the song by introducing Kanye’s birthday and its significance because this only happens “every seven years”. Then the song begins and we listen to Rick and Morty somehow break into Kanye’s bedroom so Rick can cuddle him under the sheets. There’s a whole lot of grunting much to Morty’s dismay and then Rick tell us how “buff and sexy” Kanye truly is.

Does it completely smash ye outta the ballpark? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Justin totally wasn’t cracking up the entire time.

Although, the best part has to be right at the end when Rick says:

“Morty, grab all those sneakers. They’re worth a bunch of money, just grab them. We gotta go.” 

Earlier that day Kanye released his new album, Kids See Ghosts with Kid Cudi. Much alike last week’s album release of yethis new album also has seven tracks on it and features artists like Ty Dolla Sign and Louis Prima. 

The album was debuted at another listening party in Los Angeles and live-streamed to fans on the WAV app. The album’s available on Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music, and Deezer. 

You can listen to it on Spotify below: