Justin Bieber Just Dropped A New Music Video & TBH It’s A Heavenly Emotional Rollercoaster

Grab a box of tissues because Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper‘s latest music video for new single Holy will absolutely hit you in the feels. Ok, maybe I’m just highly emotional right now, but I did not expect that music video to seep into my soul like that.

The video stars Justin Bieber as a working class factory worker who loses his job due to the “current and ongoing global situation”, and his partner played by Ryan Destiny who works in aged care. It’s easy for something like this to come off cringey because of the subject matter. But JB nails it and does it in a very tasteful manner.

Not even the last scene with Wilmer Valderrama is tone-deaf, and let me tell you I am shook. The scene involves Valderrama playing a soldier who has just come home from war, and invites Bieber and Destiny (who are presumably homeless) back to his house to eat and pray. YES PRAY. I mean that concept literally screams cringe fest. However, they nailed it again. Remarkable.

Now this was what the Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner should have been. Once again for the people in the back, this was what the Pepsi commercial SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

Chance the Rapper is also on this track and is an amazing addition. The last time the Biebs and Chance collaborated it was on DJ Khaled’s 2018 track No Brainer and THAT SUCKED. So, maybe the missing ingredient in all of this was the absence of DJ “Major Key” Khaled.

The video is so damn emotional that this girl is literally watching it on repeat and balling her eyes out.


Not only is the music video a piece of art, but are we just going to pretend that Justin Bieber isn’t looking like a total slice these days? That blonde shaggy hair is such a look. He really just took that signature bowl cut and made it actually look hot.

Is it possible that I could be a Belieber now? No, the answer is still no. But damn, he has my respect.

Watch the music video here.