Ranking The Jury Duty Jurors From Chaotic Good To Chaotic Evil

If you haven’t watched Jury Duty yet, you are missing OUT. The bizarre show has been a Prime Video sleeper hit – it’s top ten and has been for weeks, but no one really KNEW about it. Like, to the point where you (like me) probably just had someone grab you by the collar at a party and start a one-hour Powerpoint presentation about why you need to watch the series, and then YOU became the powerpointer.

Well, I’m assuming if you’re reading this you’ve seen Jury Duty. It would be weird to click a story about ranking Jury Duty jurors if you’d never seen the show, but I won’t yuck your yum if you have NFI what’s going on. All you need to know is in this article HERE, then come back.

So! The jurors! Obviously, we all adore and would die for Ronald Gladden, the one actual “real person” in this show. He is pure of heart and I really need him not to do an Eggboy and start spouting conspiracy theories/anti-vax propaganda, please universe. Just let us have one hero.

Anyway, we love Ron. But we also love the chaotic, genius characters that the host of comedians and writers behind this series fashioned up for us, too. 

I couldn’t work out how to rank them. Was it by people I want to be friends with if they were real? Because that would eliminate James Marsden and I really, really loved James Marsden in this (played by James Marsden, lol). Was it by the most annoying? But they’re so LOVEABLE even WHEN they’re being annoying!

So I got overwhelmed and decided we should just enjoy the total mayhem of these characters. Here’s my ranking of Jury Duty jurors based purely on their chaos.


jury duty
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I can barely remember Pat (Kirk Fox), so he’s just… there.


jury duty lonnie
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Lonnie (Ishmel Sahid) felt like the most normal juror in Jury Duty. They had to have some normal characters in the mix or this would be deeply unbelievable, but he’s definitely the least chaotic out of the bunch.


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Ravi (Pramode Kumar) is perfect. He’s pretty normal though, he only gets ahead of Lonnie for singing on the bus.


when? — This is called voir dire. And the English...

Vanessa (Cassandra Blair) is PRETTY normal, but we can’t forget that she tells us early on that she’s on the Reddit Bureau of Investigations. 


jury duty
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Another pretty normal juror is Inez (Maria Russell), but she scrapes ahead thanks to her mild desperation and pure passive aggressiveness while she battled it out to be the foreperson of the jury. 


Jury Duty
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He fucks off pretty early, but Tim (Brandon Loeser) makes it higher than most just for the incredible scene where he “fell” off a bookcase and then gifted origami cranes to everyone but Ron. Incredible writing.

Oh, and the “just going to rub one out” bathroom break.



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Mr chairpants himself!

Todd was one of my favourite characters. David Brown (a relatively unknown actor, HOW) made him this perfect blend of deeply irritating and SO WHOLESOME that Ron couldn’t even be annoyed by him. In fact, he even took him under his wing. Aw! 


jury duty
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She might not have much to say, but Barbara (Susan Berger) falling asleep repeatedly was both deeply believable and chaotic neutral.


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Look, you could think I’ve popped Noah (Mekki Leeper) so high in the list because he breaks up with his girlfriend mid-hearing and then latches onto Jeannie like a sex-drunk limpet (after the INFAMOUS “soaking” scene), but actually, he’s this high because of the “I’m a racist” moment from early in the season. Ronald looked like he wished the juror’s box would inhale him, hahahaha my god.


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The queen of soaking and relaxation bikinis had to make the top five. I couldn’t decide whether Jeannie (Edy Modica) deserved higher on the chaotic evil scale, but besides her initial manipulation of Noah, she’s actually kind of the most normal person (“person”) on the jury, you know? And also a DELIGHT.


jury duty
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The whole batshit Korean board game situation gets Ken (Ron Song) so high on this list because of that plot where he then owed Ronald $2,000 and kept insisting he pay it while also indicating that he’d be bankrupting his mum or whatever to get the money was out of control. I actually thought maybe that would be Ron’s tipping point to realising this was all bullshit, but it wasn’t.


jury duty
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Ross (Ross Kimball) is fairly low-key for the first half of the series, but his character really begins to spiral when it’s revealed that his wife has left him, and he’s clearly getting WAY too invested in the jury duty vibes of everyone being locked in a hotel. I mean, the guy was almost responsible for dragging the case on for weeks coz he didn’t want to go home, so…

James Marsden

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But no one can beat James Marsden as the most chaotic evil character. Firstly, the fake paparazzi he calls to get him out of jury duty. Then, punching Ross’ cake at the picnic. The giant shit in Ron’s toilet that he makes Ron take the blame for (my favourite post-filming scene was when they showed us HOW THEY MADE THE POO).

Oh, and jumping on the bed for “soaking”. A lot of people have said to me that they felt like THAT was the moment Ron fully knew this was a setup, but I honestly would believe that an arrogant, delusional Hollywood actor would be down for soaking participation.

Honourary Mention: Bailiff Nikki


new outfit, new attitude, same Nikki 🫶 #jurydutyonfreevee

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Bailiff Nikki (Rashida Olayiwola) exists outside of this Jury Duty ranking because a) she’s not a juror and b) she’s God. Truly, we worship her.

Anyway, can all of these actors be cast in everything from here on out? Thanks so much, Hollywood.

Melissa is a freelance writer. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok.