Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot Has A Release Date That Is No Joke

Because there is simply no such thing as too much Jordan Peele-backed spooky stories, the idea of the Get Out writer/director spearheading a rebooted version of The Twilight Zone is more than a little bit kickass.

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Peele is serving as the executive producer and narrator/host of the new anthology series, which producing network CBS confirmed is coming real, real soon.

How soon, you ask?

April 1st.

As in, April Fool’s Day.

There aren’t many more-fitting days for it to arrive, frankly.

CBS confirmed the first two episodes will arrive on the foolingest day on the calendar, with the show set to be hosted by the network’s CBS All Access subscription streaming service.

The new Twilight Zone has a stacked cast featuring most of your favourites, with the likes of Ike BarinholtzJohn ChoKumail Nanjiani, Alison TolmanJacob TremblayTaissa FarmigaJessica WilliamsGreg Kinnear, and a stack more set to appear.

Closely based on the original, Peele will fill the role made famous by the show’s original creator Rod Serling, right down to the iconic opening title narration.

While there’s no concrete information on any Australian release at this stage, given CBS’s stake in Channel Ten and the recent launch of the companion 10 All Access subscription app – a service that virtually mirrors the CBS one – the chances of seeing it in Australia sooner rather than later appear to be quite good.