Here’s Your First Look At Jordan Peele’s New Take On ‘The Twilight Zone’

Here’s something that I think we would all like to forget but must always remember as a lesson in hubris: the swiftly cancelled Twilight Zone reboot from 2002  had a theme song ‘composed’ (?) by Jonathan Davis from Korn — and boy, does it show!

The original series, which ran from 1959 to 1964, was a labour of love from Rod Serling, who provided the show’s iconic narration and wrote the scripts for well over half of the episodes. The episodes were often morality tales that were emblematic of Serling’s own beliefs, arguing in favour inclusivity and acceptance while arguing against discrimination, war, and violence. The 2002 series had an episode where Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander played the Grim Reaper.

While the original and the 1980s revival were both well-received critically, the same was not true of the 2002 series, which couldn’t even be saved by the soothing, breathy voice of Forest Whitaker. The outlook for the new one is looking a little better though, largely thanks to the involvement of none other than Get Out director Jordan Peele and the departure of Bryan Singer. Peele will be taking up Serling’s mantle as host of the new series, in addition to serving as one of the show’s many, many executive producers.

In amongst the glut of very, very, very expensive ads dropped during the Super Bowl today, is a tiny taste of what’s to come, with a teaser for the new series showing off Peele’s hosting style, a slightly updated take on the theme song, and a feel for the tone they are going for:

Should be good, I reckon. The series is expected to premier at the start of April this year.