JVN & Sophie Turner Meeting Each Other For The First Time Has Added 10 Years To My Life

Jonathan Van Ness

Hands down, this video of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Queer Eye angel Jonathan Van Ness meeting for the first time has added ten years to my life. It is GORGEOUS.

[jwplayer 2TT8ymo7]

In case you missed it: all of your most adored artists and celebs got together in one spot yesterday for the 2019 MTV VMAs. If you didn’t tune in, you can catch all the highlights on YouTube. The night saw a slew of fire performances from Missy Elliott, Normani, and Taylor Swift to name three. And backstage, the stars aligned for super quick but divine meet and greets like Turner and JVN’s.

In short, the Queen in the North spotted JVN somewhere backstage and rushed at him. In response JVN screeeaaammmeed.

“So happy for your ending,” he told Turner of Sansa‘s conclusion on Thrones. “Oh my God, I was so relieved. It was the only one I could stomach.” HA.

Van Ness also congratulated Turner on getting hitched to Joe Jonas, who Turner quickly called over with a “JOooooOooOooeeEEE.” The entire interaction is just so precious.

Thank you, ET, for letting us all creep on this pure as hell moment.

I have watched this five times already and I will not stop.

JVN is currently on a fierce campaign to win his series, Gay of Thrones, an Emmy. The comedy is nominated for one gong at this year’s event so if you’re tuning in, keep your eyes peeled for the Outstanding Short Form Variety Series award. This is the third time Gay of Thrones has been nominated in this category so JVN wants it. He really, really wants it.

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards takes place September 23.