Watch ‘Queer Eye’ Angel JVN Work Magic On David Letterman’s Mighty Beard

Jonathan Van Ness

Netflix‘s cross-promotions are a constant gift upon this world, re: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina X Nailed It! They’re wholesome, pure videos uploaded to the internet to make your weekend that much sweeter. This time around, the streaming god has blessed us with a crossover of Queer Eye (divine human being Jonathan Van Ness) and My Next Guest Needs No Introductions with David Letterman.

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If you’ve watched Letterman’s return to the telly, you would’ve noticed that glorious beard on his face. It is simply magnificent… and a little unruly.

Enter JVN – Queer Eye‘s grooming expert.

While attempting to trim Letterman’s beard, JVN and the host talked self-care, the wonders of beard oil, and the art of interviewing.

On a more serious note, they also discussed the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, which helped launch the modern gay rights movement.

“I think what’s really important for you – that has the platform of this gorgeous TV show we’re on and we’re making – is that you feature people like me so that other young people and non-young people, important decision-making people can see that people that don’t look like them and don’t talk like them, and don’t act like that can be seen as people and not something to be scared of,” JVN said.

Jonathan Van Ness needs to be on a proper episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, that is all.

The brand new season of Letterman’s show is streaming now on Netflix. In season two, Letterman sits down with Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres, Tiffany Haddish, Lewis Hamilton, and Melinda Gates. And, the hotly anticipated season four of Queer Eye will hit Netflix on July 19. Next month!!! Expect to see all your beloved faves AKA Bobby Berk, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, and JVN back in action.

You can prepare yourselves for the undoubtedly emotional episodes with season one to three of Queer Eye on Netflix now. Or, you can tune into France’s delightful YouTube series, Dressing Funny, in which he makeovers a heap of comedians including Miranda Sings, Pete Davidson, and Big Mouth‘s Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg – how good’s a cross-promotion?

You can check out the Big Mouth episode below.