Jon Stewart May Return To TV As Our Guide Through This Fkd US Election

Here are the facts: this is the weirdest bloody US election cycle in living memory, and the parties haven’t even picked their champions yet. 

Crazily, just before this fucking mayhem, two of America’s peak political shit-talkers / satirists stepped down, leaving us bereft of hot takes from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. 

While the former has been settling in quite nicely in David Letterman’s old desk on The Late Show, Stewart has been busy rescuing farm animals, and giving piggies some hefty belly rubs. 

Welp, now the head of HBO has indicated Stewart may be back on telly, just in time for November’s election. We need this. You need this. We all need this. 

Speaking to CNN, Richard Plepler said “yes, I’m hopeful” the bloke would be back on the airwaves before the election, ready to skewer every single human involved in this slow-motion car crash of democracy. 

ICYMI, after closing out The Daily Show on Comedy Central and handing it over to Trevor Noah, Stewart penned a four-year deal with HBO. 

Plepler reckons Stewart’s new work – with a 3D graphics company, no less – will be “a perfect example of bringing a remarkable original voice into the house, giving a new opportunity of expression to that original voice.”

It’s been too long since we’ve seen the bloke sic some belligerent pollies. Colour us orange bloody excited. 

Source: Variety. 
Photo: Brad Barket / Getty.