It feels like a cruel joke that in this politically volatile age that Jon Stewart managed to hit the TV eject button before shit well and truly hit the fan.

Stewart’s departure from ‘The Daily Show‘ left a gaping hole in comedic commentary on American TV; while Trevor Noah is doing a decent job in his own right, his style lacks a certain bite.

Fortunate we are than that Stewart’s old Comedy Central buddy Stephen Colbert decided to keep doing TV post-CC, landing himself one hell of a promotion in the form of the hosting gig on ‘The Late Show‘; a show that, since Donald Trump‘s ascendency to the Presidency, has been soundly kicking the arse of Jimmy Fallon and his fingers-in-ears style of wet noodle, cheerily oblivious “entertainment.”

Not only has gleefully Colbert brought his old razor-sharp ‘Colbert Report‘ style over to network TV with magnificent results, but on occasion he opens the portal up and allows old mate Stewart a few minutes of precious, precious air time to get some shit off his chest.

Today’s appearance of Stewart-down-the-wormhole might be his best yet; not only going for the throat of the President over his habitual and incessant lying, but also haranguing the media (both good and bad) for playing precisely into Trump’s own hands.

It’s a stinging, hilarious rant that ranks up there with Stewart’s best; pointed barbs, well-crafted jokes, all peppered around insanely good points.


The bad news is that Stewart’s now gone again, down the tunnel and into retirement once more.

The good news, however? It probably won’t be long before he’s back.

Never leave, Jon. Never ever leave.

Source: The Late Show/YouTube.