John Oliver just Unloaded on the FIFA World Cup, and it was Glorious

After turning his attention to the touchy subjects of Tony Abbott and net neutrality, the endlessly-outraged John Oliver has found a new target for his ranting: the FIFA World Cup. In a recent edition of Last Week Tonight, Oliver set his sights on the cup, which starts this week in Brazil, and his subsequent take-down was pretty brutal.

While he is a life-long soccer fan, Oliver considers FIFA to be “a comically grotesque organisation”, the inner workings of which are akin to ‘Two Girls, One Cup’. He lays into them regularly on his podcast, but on the show, he really let them have it, laying out all their failings and fuck-ups in excruciating detail, including allegations of bribery, human rights abuses and massive financial skullduggery.

Though Oliver’s rant probably won’t make a blind bit of difference in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a very entertaining way to kill a few minutes, and you might even learn something about FIFA, whose misdeeds apparently go well beyond choosing shit Pitbull songs to represent the World Cup.

Picture: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images