Girls Gone Wild Creator Joe Francis Is Getting Slammed For A Creepy Bday Tribute To Kylie Jenner

Joe Francis Kylie Jenner bday tribute

Joe Francis, creator of problematic porn franchise Girls Gone Wild and known creep, is getting slammed online for uploading a disgusting tribute to Kylie Jenner for her 25th birthday.

Taking to Instagram, the 49-year-old wrote: “Happy Birthday @kyliejenner!! I’m so proud of you and all your success!! It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating your 18th birthday together.”

Seems pretty innocuous right?

It is, until you see the picture he chose to post alongside the caption: an image of him openly ogling her butt while she is distracted by something else.

Fans of Kylie Jenner were quick to point out what an inappropriate “joke” the post was.

“You didn’t have a better picture — one where you weren’t checking her out?” one user asked.

“#giantperve,” another wrote.

How did Francis reply to this, you wonder? By stating that “all straight men always are looking at beautiful women” and how could he resist, as a humble man???

“That’s why I’m so successful,” he claimed in a since deleted comment, per Page Six.

“Are you saying you hate God for making us this way?”


He then went on to compare Kylie to his sisters, and then said he “would never have sex with my sisters” because “that’s gross!”

Wha — who asked about your sisters????

The gaslighting… the delusions… at this point, I’m speechless.

In case you don’t know who Joe Francis is, in which case I truly envy you, this is the guy who created Girls Gone Wild: videos of (mostly) drunk women on spring break trips who were convinced (often by constant pestering) to flash their boobs on camera in exchange for free hats or other merchandise. It’s even worse than it sounds, actually.

He’s since been accused of creating a child pornography, rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. So yeah, those comments are well and truly fucked.

Grown ass men stay away from teenage girls challenge!!!