A Vid Of MGK Making Predatory Comments About 17 Y.O. Kendall Jenner Has Resurfaced & Fkn Yikes

Machine Gun Kelly is copping backlash after a 2013 video resurfaced on TikTok in which he made gross sexual comments about Kendall Jenner, who was underage at the time.

In the resurfaced video, the then-23-year-old was being interviewed by Fuse when he started gushing about the second youngest Kar-Jenner sis, despite the fact that she was 17.

When asked who his first celebrity crush was, MGK responded: “I don’t care who my first celebrity crush was ‘cos right now it’s Kendall Jenner. God damn I’ve said that so many motherfucking times, I hope that I’m snagging that. Don’t let me move to LA. Oof, I’m finding her.”

Fucking yikes.


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The host then asked if he was “counting down the days til she’s 18,” to which he responded that he is “not waiting til she’s 18.”

“I’ll go now,” he said. “I’m 23 dog, I’m not like a creepy age you know. I’m 23, she’s 17, and she’s a celebrity, there is no limits right there.”

Wrong, mate. In California, where Kendall lives, the legal age for sexual consent is 18, meaning the 17-year-old would have been underage at the time of the interview and it was therefore very illegal for Machine Gun Kelly to be with her.

He went on to defend his statement by listing other celebrities who have dated younger women.

“I don’t care. Say what you want man. If Kendall Jenner was in your bedroom naked and you’re 50, you’re going,” he added.

The musician, who just got engaged to Megan Fox, recently landed himself in hot water for comments he made about his fiancé’s ring.

In a recent interview with VogueMachine Gun Kelly said the ring contains little thorns so that if Megan “tries to take it off, it hurts,” adding that: “Love is pain!”

He subsequently got pummelled by folks on Twitter, with fans pointing out that his comments sound like a red flag.

Machine Gun Kelly has yet to comment on either of these controversies.

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