Turns Out A Bunch Of Celebs Turned Down Cameos In J-Lo’s ‘This Is Me…Now: A Love Story Movie

When Jennifer Lopez released her bonkers new flick This Is Me…Now: A Love Story the internet was buzzing. Not only because it was a creative sci-fi-inspired musical memoir, but also because it featured a whole heap of her celebrity pals. However, thanks to J-Lo herself, we now know that Jenny from the Block asked many, many more A-list celebrities to appear in the film. Sadly, they all said no.

In yet another release from J-Lo —a documentary called The Greatest Love Story Never Told — she documents the process of making This Is Me…Now: A Love Story. The whole thing is kinda meta because This Is Me…Now: A Love Story is basically an hour-long music video for her latest album This Is Me…Now.

Say what you want about Miss J-Lo but you can’t say she doesn’t work hard.

“This is me NooOoOoOooW,” — J-Lo. (Image: Prime Video)

Anyway, in the documentary, the viewer is taken on the casting journey where J-Lo and her team are sitting around going through the list of celebrities they asked to take part in the project.

Taylor Swift is a no,” says one employee.

Jennifer Coolidge not available, Lizzo not available,” says another, listing off a whole host of names including Jason Momoa, Vanessa Hudgens and Snoop Dog.

You can watch the clip below.

In another scene, J-Lo says it “would be good to get Bad Bunny to do a little cameo as the bad kid” but considering he wasn’t in the final cut, I’m pretty sure he turned it down.

“Nobody wants to say no to me, Benny,” J-Lo tells her employee.

“I get that but when an actor doesn’t like a script or doesn’t think it’s good enough or is worried about it, that’s what they’ll say. I know that. I’ve done it.”

Ouchie mama.

Although the doco states that Lizzo passed on the opportunity, Lizzo took to TikTok on Thursday to say she had no bloody clue about the opportunity to be in J-Lo’s movie.

“Ain’t nobody told me nothing,” she said.

“Nobody asked me. J-Lo I love you!”

Although J-Lo didn’t get everyone she hoped to appear in her memoir movie, she did get a pretty good turnout. The film had cameos from her husband Ben Affleck, Sofia VergaraJada Pinkett-SmithKim Petras, Jane Fonda, Neil deGrasse TysonTrevor NoahPost MaloneSadhguruKeke Palmer, Jenifer Lewis, Kim Petras, Derek Hough, Trevor Jackson and Jay Shetty.

Not too shabby, hey?

Plus, J-Lo’s celebrity cameo efforts have inspired people to shoot for their dreams more often.

“We all need to believe in ourselves the way J-Lo believes in herself,” wrote one Reddit user.

” I know J-Lo has never had that moment of anxiety that stops you from taking a good opportunity,” said another.

“I’m not kidding I’d do anything for that level of confidence and delusion. Life would be so much more enjoyable,” someone else commented.

I couldn’t agree more. Let the J-Lo-inspired delulu season begin!!

You can watch This Is Me…Now: A Love Story and The Greatest Love Story Never Told on Prime Video.