Jennifer Lawrence Tried Using A Plane’s PA & Ppl Weren’t Having A Bar Of It

As a famous person, it must be fairly cool knowing that you can go into pretty much any situation and expect to be loved and worshipped by those who you bless with your presence.

It would be decidedly shittier if you were expecting to be adored like the god you are and instead received a frostier reception than the North Pole.

It’s a lesson Jennifer Lawrence had to learn the hard way, as she tried to commandeer a plane’s PA system so that she could make a v srs and important announcement:

I love the way she says “Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence” as if that would suddenly calm down a plane-full of people who are wondering who this random woman on the PA is.

After trying to spur some support for the Philadelphia Eagles and being met with all the responsiveness of a brick wall, the actress then tried to warn people about the colonial woman on the plane’s wing, a reference to the iconic Bridesmaids scene.

According to People, J-Law dusted herself off soon after and the only harm done was some pretty intense second-hand embarrassment.