In Celebration Of Jenna Marbles’ Bday, Here Are The Queen Of YouTube’s Most Iconic Vids

Jenna Marbles Best Of YouTube Videos

The day I discovered Jenna Marbles was the day my life changed forever. Like a divine intervention for the Lord Almighty, one of Jenna’s videos came up as I was scouring the web. My 12-year-old eyeballs couldn’t take the pure genius that is Jenna’s comedy and I momentarily deceased, before coming back to life to watch the rest of her videos.

Since that fateful day, her ratchet salon, beauty tutorials and “how-to” guides continue to metaphorically clear my skin, improve my grades and cease my depression.

She’s influenced my life in more ways than one. When Jenna glued thousands of rhinestones to her face, I wanted to glue thousands of rhinestones to my face. When Jenna bought a green screen, I, too, bought a green screen. Her catchphrases – “bebe”, “ya nasty”, “who you fightin’?” – infiltrated their way into my daily vernacular. Long story short, I stan that beech like no other.

She also has a few other stans – with over 3.3 billion views and nearly 20 million subscribers, it’s safe to say that Jenna is the queen of YouTube. I mean, let’s be real, Jenna pioneered the way for a generation of YouTubers – she walked so undeserving beauty gurus could run (no tea, no shade, just facts).

[jwplayer bmkW0FsI]

Queen Jenna, I love you with all of my non-Virgo heart. Have a blessed day with your your notorious Aries Julien Solomita and canine children, Miss Weech, Kermieeeeeeee, Mr. Marbles and new baby Bunny. But don’t have too much fun… you have a basketball game tomorrow.

Now let’s dive into some of her most iconic videos. Choosing the ones to feature was like picking your favourite child – it simply isn’t possible – so I just settled for some eclectic ones that are bound to make you giggle. Grab some popcorn, sit back and soak in the gloriousness that is Jenna Marbles. HELL YEAH.

First up, a true beauty guru outshining all the haters with her bedazzled mug.

Jenna actually does such an incredible job with the double vision makeup trend – you can’t help but stan a multifaceted artist. I literally spat out my oxygen when she showed her 8 eyes to randoms at 2.30AM.

“Camouflaging myself into a chair” inspired a wave of memes on social media. Similar to the double vision makeup, she actually does an impeccable job. Highlight has to be Jenna, completely camouflaged, saying “Get called for jury duty… No where to be found.”

I didn’t realise I needed footage of Jenna in front of a green screen until this video walked into my existence.

It’s the rhinestone video on steroids, featuring mirror pieces, silver paint and a trusty green screen. Like, queen Jenna literally inserted herself into a Jacob Sartorius concert and TanaCon as a disco ball. I’m crying.

This belongs in the Louvre.

Introducing Jessica Messica, the part-time worker calling in sick because she couldn’t find her phone.

Prepare to dive into a k-hole of twin discoveries, hedgehogs giving birth and face trainers, just casually.

We stan a creator who’s dedicated to the making of pure art.

There are a few meme reviews that have subsequently been uploaded and they all deserving of a watch, ‘cos they’re fucking great. Check out the first compilation reactions video, which predominately features Kermit being a nasty boy

“It’s me, your tall friend, Jenna. Here to do tall people things.” Feast your eyes on an impressive hairspray job and your ears with “I Wanna Be Tall (Reprise)”, a song which most-definitely needs to be on your Spotify playlist.

It simply wouldn’t be a deep-dive into the wonders of Jenna if we didn’t end the birthday tribute with her most-watched video to date: “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”. The inspired tutorial, made back in ’10, has amassed nearly 69 million views.