Yes, PewDiePie may have just hit 100 million subscribers, and yes, Tana Mongeau may be going through a very public and turbulent marriage with Jake Paul, but there will never be anything more exciting than the time sweet cherub angel Dane hit 1 subscriber, thanks to his loyal grandma.

This is the only wholesome throwback content you’ll ever need to see on your screen again, I promise.

I stumbled across Dane a couple months back when I came across some YouTubers reacting to a 2016 video of his titled, “0 subcriber specal”. He was talking about his grandma not being able to subscribe yet… and it made my heart sad.

I subsequently found myself in a Dane wormhole, spending hours witnessing him on a journey of YouTube discovery.

Today’s Mood: That Time A Bébé YouTuber Made A Video Thanking His 1 Subscriber, Grandma

But don’t you fret, though –  Granny inevitably pulled through. In his most prominent video, Dane posted a “one subscriber special”, thanking her for the unparalleled support.

His bio read, “Dane thanks his 1st subscriber, his Grandma. :)”

“This is my one subscriber special,” he began, in the video. “My grandma’s subscription finally came through.”

“I thank grandma so much for subscribing, and thanks for so much support. I’m just gonna end this video here… but I may do something… um, well… I’m not gonna do anything.”

The video, aptly-titled “1 subs yas”, subsequently lit the internet ablaze and, 2 days later, Dane was able to make a whopping 6,500 subscriber special. (Isn’t your heart singing right now? Check out the OG vid below.)

Dane has now amassed over 350,000 subscribers in the years that have followed, far from the days of grandma being a one subscriber wolf pack, but no matter how much time has passed this will never stop being the most wholesome damn video on the web.

It’s safe to say that we’ve all related to Dane at some point in our lives. I mean, at the end of the day, we’re all out here just hustling for the coin and trying to get another subscriber or two, right?

Please, I implore you to take a look at his channel – he’s still a true gem amidst a sea of cyber tomfoolery.

Dane, my favourite YouTuber, I salute thee.

Image: YouTube / Dane