Jason Momoa’s Been Camping Out In A Luxe Van Since His Split & Can We Pls Share The Mattress?

Hunk of our hearts and Aquaman of our dreams Jason Momoa has been reportedly camping out in a luxe RV (aka fancy campervan) since announcing his divorce from Lisa Bonet.

Yep, we’re still sad about it too.

The couple announced their divorce earlier this year via Instagram, breaking all of our hearts in the process.

They first got together in 2005 and got married in 2017 in true epic romance. The couple also have two kids together.

Now, Jason Momoa has been spotted living in his luxury Ford RV since the divorce, which is very #VanLife of him.

According to pics first captured by UK publication The Sun, Momoa’s RV is parked in a pal’s beachfront Californian property.

Quite a nice place to park up, I suspect.

A source told the publication that Jason Momoa is a fan of the van (*badum tss*).

“He stays in it quite often and has opted to sleep in there instead of getting a hotel on set so he can be by the beach,” the source said.

“He’s really not a private jet, luxury resort kind of guy.”

See, now I am formally requesting that Jason does #VanLife roadtrip and vlogs it all. I really think that’s what we all need after the last few years.

Plus, it’s apparently a really nice van. It cost around AUD$1,000,000 (USD$750,000) as per The Mirror, which surely means a superior campervan toilet.

No late night longdrop trips? I’m in.

In other important Jason Momoa news, he also posted a very sweet Instagram supporting Zoë Kravitz, his step-daughter.

Kravitz is starring as Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in the new The Batman film.

Momoa reshared the film’s poster and wrote: “so proud. can’t wait. march 4th love u zozo.”

Zoë Kravitz replied: “I love youuuuuuuuuu”.

It’s too fucking cute, honestly.