Jason Gann Made Bitch Of The Australian Legal System

Jason Gann, the creator and star of the bong-smoking human-sized dog-man comedy series Wilfred has pleaded guilty to an assault charge that took place at the 2007 Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, costing him upwards of $700,000 in damages.

Four years after the incident took place Gann has been ordered to pay $325,000 in compensation to a shuttle bus driver he’s alleged to have assaulted, and a $113,000 compensation claim from WorkCover on behalf of the victim. On top of this, his court costs and legal fees amount to around $300,000. Fuuuu.

It is alleged that the bus driver suffered post-traumatic stress and was unable to work as a result of Gann’s actions, causing him to separate from his wife and become homeless after being forced to sell his house. Gann has since spoken out in an effort to assure fans he is not a vicious dog person.

Failure to pay could have resulted in criminal conviction, so we supposed paying out is better than landing in the dog house.

Words by Nikki Brogan