The First Jackass Forever Trailer Is Here & It Slaps Harder Than The Big Hand Itself

jackass forever trailer

It’s finally happening, mates. Like a cannon shooting a silver-haired Johnny Knoxville, the trailer for the next instalment from the Jackass gang has screamed into our lives, covered in feathers and reeking of gunpowder.

Our first taste of Jackass Forever promises everything we’ve come to love about the idiot stunt comedy troupe and then some. Big hits, dumb ideas becoming reality, and Steve-O winding up on an ambulance stretcher. It truly wouldn’t be a Jackass film without two things: Johnny Knoxville’s raspy laughter and the ambos being called in at least once.

Sure, the original cast – made up of Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris PontiusDanger AhrenDave EnglandWee Man, and Preston Lacy – might be a bit more haggard as the years and the knocks wear on, but it seems there’s still no stunt too insane for them.

The trailer features stone-cold classic Jackass gags in new formats, like Eric Andre getting smacked in the face akin to the Valentine’s Punch from Jackass 2, and Machine Gun Kelly feeling the full wrath of The Big Hand. There’s Knoxville getting thrown by a furious bull (again), Dave England getting exploded off a dunny, people being used as a human bike ramp, and Danger Ahren being doused in honey and salmon and put in a room with a fuckin’ bear.

Jackass Forever also introduces several new cast members to the Jackass family, making the incoming fourth film feel like a passing of the baton – if the baton was actually a lit stick of dynamite attached to a jar of bees. We briefly meet the new generation of dumb stunt dabblers, JasperSean ‘Poopies’ McInerneyZach Holmes, Eric Manaka, and Rachel Wolfson (who I believe is the first woman to be part of the show in more than just a recurring role).

From what the trailer shows, this new blood is just as up for it as the original boys were when we first met them way back in the early 2000s.

Jackass Forever is set to hit cinemas on October 21, and you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna re-watch all the old films in preparation.