Buckle Up Chucklefucks, The Jackass Series Is Being Rebooted & A New Film Is Coming This Month

jackass reboot new series paramount

The legacy of Jackass is still kicking, punching, and big-hand-slapping with the news that not only is there another film coming but the gang are also working on a new series.

Per Variety, the massive popularity of Jackass Forever got streaming services sniffing around the doo-doo of Johnny Knoxville and the crew. That’s now turned into a whole new series being developed for Paramount+.

Incredible stuff. Simply can’t wait for these ding dongs to run around pulling dumb pranks on each other, viewed in the way Party Boy intended: a whole season of episodic tomfoolery.

There aren’t a lot of details out about the upcoming rebooted series. But if Jackass Forever is anything to go by I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the new crew members like Rachel WolfsonSean “Poopies” McInerneyJasper Dolphin and Zach Holmes. And probably Steve-O, because that man truly can’t say no to a good bit.

The extended Jackass gang have clearly been busy because the new series isn’t the only thing we’re being given like a cream pie to the face or a surprise box of bees. There’s another movie-length offering on the way, too.

Yep, if Jackass Forever wasn’t enough gut-busting laughs for us this year there’s a whole other movie of outrageousness landing on Netflix on May 20.

The new film is keeping with tradition and is titled Jackass 4.5. It will include a bunch of extra footage and dumb-tough stuff filmed during the production of the most recent film. Honestly, any excuse for me to see Chris Pontius dancing around in his Party Boy g-banger in a pitch-black room.

The new Jackass series hasn’t got a premiere date or any specific details locked in yet but just know that it’s coming. So it’s best to start appropriately preparing yourself for the deep cringing and grimacing as the crew put their bodies on the line for a quick laugh.