The Final Jackass Forever Trailer Is Here & Machine Gun Kelly Gets Owned By The Big Hand

jackass forever final trailer

It’s just under a month until the Jackass gang are all back together for the new film Jackass Forever, and the final trailer has landed to fill in the time between now and when we’re (hopefully) sitting in the cinema choking with laughter at someone willingly being punched in the dick.

Marking a true return to form from the majority of the original Jackass crew led by OG prankster and eternal crush Johnny Knoxville, the Jackass Forever trailer has everything I need to sustain my serotonin levels. Namely blowing portaloos up while people are inside, Steve-O putting his body on the line for the sake of a laugh, Preston Lacey and Wee Man yeeting themselves in various forms, and Chris Pontius simply existing.

We get a good look at some more of the new guard of beloved idiots joining the gang, including Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, Jasper, and Rachel Wolfson. The trailer also drops a couple of red-hot cameos from Machine Gun Kelly and Eric Andre. Does it include MGK getting smacked with a giant hand AKA the epitome of pure comedy? You bet your sweet ass it does.

The final trailer’s got just enough of a tease ahead of the full film, which drops in Aussie cinemas next month. There’s snakes, spiders, Knoxville going toe to toe with bulls (again) and cannons (also again). There are bikes being ridden into walls, giant slip n’ slides, Danger Ehren consistently copping the short straw, tasers, and a return of Bad Grandpa. If you know, you know.

There’s even a new twist on one of my all-time favourite gags: the Valentine Punch from Jackass Number Two. My god, it’s a good bit. And let me tell you — the comedy is just as solid even 15 years later.

Jackass Forever is set to hit Aussie cinemas from February 3rd, and I simply cannot wait to piss tears of laughter into my bucket of popcorn as soon as possible.