IT’S THE VICPOCOLYPSE: Melbourne Cops Tornadoes, Severe Storm Warning

Melbourne, are ya’ll okay over there? 
Earlier today, The Bureau of Meteorology issued a very srs weather warning for Melbourne, and it looked absolutely fucking terrifying. In all honesty, we kind of shrugged it off, because everyone knows how tempestuous Melbourne weather can be, right? 
Wrong – this looked like some bullllllllshit; like some seriously end-of-the-world kind of stuff. Not only is the thunderstorm hammering the CBD, there was also a legit tornado warning for Tullamarine – which obviously houses Melbourne’s main airport. 
And here’s every Melburnian with Internet access freaking the absolute fuck out:

The severe thunderstorm isn’t quite over yet, but BOM is currently forecasting no further tornadoes. But regardless, we hope none of you guys are on a plane to Tullamarine Airport right now (and we’re v v sorry if you are). 
Hell, don’t we feel a lil’ silly complaining about that last underwhelming #SydneyStorm

Image & story via Twitter.