Melbourne Warned Of ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ Outbreak As Conditions Worsen

Melbourne residents have been advised to double-check their readiness for potential asthma attacks, as very high pollen readings provoke fears of another ‘thunderstorm asthma’ event.

via WeatherZone

St John Ambulance said today’s conditions resemble those recorded last November, where high pollen readings contributed to nine deaths across the city.

It’s believed thunderstorm asthma is the unfortunate result of high winds and pollen counts, and Melbourne has been noted as one of the world’s worst cities for the terrible phenomena.

It’s something everyone should take note of, too. In a statement, Chief Executive Gordon Botwright said thunderstorm asthma could also impact those without asthma diagnoses.

“40% of people who were struck by thunderstorm asthma were not diagnosed asthmatics,” Botwright said.

Asthma sufferers have been advised to have inhalers handy during the day, have action plans in place, and to stay inside if weather conditions and pollen readings considerably worsen.

Those who continue to have difficulty breathing after the use of an inhaler should give 000 a ring.

The thunderstorm asthma ‘season’ is expected to run until December. Stay safe, friends.