SPICY: Bachie’s Irena Said She Will Never Speak To Bella Again In A Wild IG Story Last Night

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

One of the focal points of The Bachelor 2020 was the friendship breakdown between finalists Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovksa.

The gals started the season as good mates, but after being apart for a while when the show shut down due to COVID, an irreparable rift formed between them.

Who could forget their almighty bust-up after returning to the mansion, where Bella lost her shit about the fact that Irena had been in contact with Locky? (Erm, isn’t that… the point of The Bachelor?)

Since then, their friendship has been non-existent and they haven’t really addressed what happened, but now, in an Instagram Q&A, Irena has discussed the feud for the last time.

When asked if she’s spoken to her frenemy, Bella Varelis, she responded: “No I haven’t. And for those that want to know what really happened, to be honest, I don’t even know. Ultimately when you have two women falling for the same guy it’s never going to end well.

“Emotions got the best of us, if I could go back in time to change how our friendship fell apart, of course I would. I was hurt but I’ve moved on.”

She added, “We tried to work things out during this time, but it was obvious when we returned that the relationship was done.”

Irena Srbinovksa went on to insist that it’s “the last time I am going to talk about her, I wish her nothing but happiness in her future. Will we ever talk again? The answer is no.”

She concluded, “We were all there for one reason: love. The odds are 1 out of 25 will win the heart of the Bachelor, I was that lucky one but I also walked away with the most amazing friends too.”

It comes after a fan asked if she and Bec Cvilikas are still friends, after Bec’s friendship with Bella recently crashed and burned, to which she said that she and Bec “never stopped being friends.”

Irena said that despite her issues with Bella, Bec was always loyal to her.

“We were friends in the house, she supported me, always spoke kindly of me to Locky and we remained friends outside. Myself and Locky have caught up with Bec since the show finished and it was so good seeing her happy.”

It comes after the revelation that ex roommates Bec Cvilikas and Bella Varelis torched their friendship after a falling out.