After ‘Joker’ had its release in cinemas, a particular flight of stairs in the Bronx borough of New York City has become overwhelmed with influencers and Instagram fame goblins trying to snap the exact same poses as Joaquin Phoenix in a single scene of the film. They’re called the ‘Joker Stairs’ now, and apparently come up on Google as a “religious destination”.

I regret to inform you that the influencers are at it again.

‘Step Street’ in the Highbridge area of South Bronx is being swarmed by insta nerds who want to recreate the film’s poster, trailer, and huge scene, where Phoenix’s Joker is dancing down the stairs to a tune produced by an awful man who I refuse to name.

Looks something a little like this:

Anyway because absolutely nothing is good and sacred anymore, the stairs are being inundated by folks yearning to get The Perfect Shot™, which is drawing the ire and mild owning of the Bronx locals.

The pics, they look a little something like this:

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Locals are retaliating by reminding folks that are deadset on wanting to visit the Joker stairs to see the filming location that the South Bronx area can get really bloody rough, and that robberies are pretty common in the area. But like, anything for the ‘gram, right?

I guess if you’re really keen on going to the Highbridge neighbourhood to risk life and limb for content, at least recreate the right falling-adjacent content.

Image: Joker / Warner Bros. Pictures