The House Of Gucci Reviews Are In So Strap On Your Knock-Off Designer Shoes & Let’s Dive In

The long-awaited House of Gucci flick has just been screened by critics and the first lot of reviews are in, not unlike how Jared Leto‘s premiere fits have been very, very, very IN.

Unsurprisingly, the response has been mostly positive, with folks praising the biopic for its sleek retelling of the luxe fash brand’s history, plus Lady Gaga‘s stellar performance.

The film stars Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, the wife of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), who was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s murder. It follows the aftermath of Gucci’s shocking assassination in 1995, all the while showcasing the glorious fashion that the brand has cultivated throughout the years.

House of Gucci also stars the aforementioned Jared Leto sporting a bald cap, along with absolute legends Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek and Al Pacino.

Variety’s Senior Artisans Editor Jazz Tangcay wrote that the flick is “absolutely divine. It is murderously delicious.”

“The cast delivers the best performances of the year,” she added. “Luxuriate with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga whose chemistry and performances are phenomenal. The film is a masterclass in acting.”

The flick was compared by one critic to the Godfather, which is the highest of compliments.

“House of Gucci has a definite GODFATHER vibe, rich with family betrayal, transformative performances, lots of backstabbing & it’s definitely more serious than it is campy,” Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes critic Erik Davis wrote.

He went on to praise the cast, writing: “Lady Gaga is incredible, as is Jared Leto, and the story is WILD! The attention to detail is impeccable.”

The film didn’t walk away in its cute Gucci shoes totally unscathed, however, as some critics were far less favourable.

We Live Entertainment founder Scott Menzel opined that the flick “is a bloated & uneven mess that feels like two different movies rolled in one.

“Every single cast member acts as though they are in a different movie except for Al Pacino, who seems to have understood the assignment and serves as the film’s MVP.”

Entertainment Weekly writer Joey Nolfi was fairly balanced in his review, describing the film as a “juicy caviar camp, an absurdly enjoyable Italian soap opera where Bald Jared Leto pisses on a Gucci scarf.”

Though he added that it “ultimately eases on its gas to a fault, but Lady Gaga’s earnest, ferocious performance completes her evolution from movie star to mighty dramatic actréss.”

Like with all cinema (and fashion), it’s all v. v. v. subjective, so you’ll have to be your own critic when the flick hits Aussie cinemas on Boxing Day.