The ‘High School Musical’ Cast Had A Zoom Reunion ‘Coz We Really Are All In This Together

high school musical reunion

The cast of High School Musical just reunited for a virtual Zoom party, proving that we really are all in this together,

Instead of being at Coachella this weekend (R.I.P), Vanessa Hudgens was at a virtual East High Wildcats reunion, which honestly seems like way more fun.

“Guess who’s back,” she captioned the post, sending HSM fans worldwide into a self-isolation meltdown.

The reunion featured (almost) all of your favourites including Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin. Bleu, Monique Coleman and director Kenny Ortega. Unfortunately, the love of my life Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) couldn’t be in attendance.

It’s unclear what exactly they were reuniting for. Although it was likely just for a good ol’ fashioned catch up, I’m going to let myself believe they’re preparing for High School Musical 4 (probably not, but a girl can dream).

At this point, the High School Musical cast are the only things getting us through this pandemic. Between this and that time Ashley Tisdale sparked a reunion on TikTok, we might actually be able to hold on to our last few brain cells during self-isolation.

@ashleytisdaleMy work out while on Self Quarantine. I can’t believe I remembered it ????

♬ original sound – ashbash2425

In honour of this truly iconic reunion, I simply must remind you that self-isolation is the PERFECT time to teach yourself the moves to all of the High School Musical dances.