High School Musical co-stars Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have joined forces in a new TikTok duet while in self-isolation. Can someone please call the paramedics? My ’06 self won’t stop shaking.

Ashley initially posted a ‘Tok of herself dancing to “We’re All in This Together” this morning – absolutely nailing the choreography, mind you – alongside the caption, “My work out while on Self Quarantine. I can’t believe I remembered it.”

It wasn’t long before Vanessa followed suit with a duet, admirably pouring a Kris Jenner-sized glass of red beside Ashley’s moves. “Well. It’s come to this. Lol @ashleytisdale maybe I start getting into tik tok?” Vanessa posted to Instagram.

I feel like this duet symbolises the angel and devil on my shoulders throughout quarantine – if Ashley is the angel, advising me to exercise and dance during self-isolation, Vanessa is the devil, telling me to guzzle booze for 14 days straight.

@vanessahudgens♬ original sound – ashbash2425

May this be the first of many, many duets between Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Alexa, play the High School Musical soundtrack in its entirety.

Image: TikTok / Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens