Here’s The Exact Time ‘OITNB’ Season Five Drops In Your State Tomorrow

We were always under the impression that streaming services like Netflix really took off because they freed viewers from the anachronistic broadcasting constraints of regular telly channels. If you want to watch Rick And Morty until 5am, that’s your prerogative, dudes. 

That being said, time zones are still most definitely a thing. With this little fact in mind, it makes sense that Netflix would choose to alert Australia to when the new series of Orange Is The New Black is set to air in each state.

With a handy-dandy piece of mock CCTV footage, the streaming giant has confirmed the series will go live tomorrow at 7pm in New Zealand; 5pm in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, and TAS; 4:30pm in SA and NT; and 3pm all the way over in WA.

FWIW, the season promises to follow-up on the immediate aftermath of season four, which saw Litchfield Penitentiary undergoing a full-on riot. The chock-a-block trailer gives a pretty good indication of where things are going.

And now you can plan your binge times accordingly, too. 

Source: Netflix / Twitter.
Photo: Orange Is The New Black / Netflix