Australian Pokémon Go trainers, we are sorry to be the ones to break this news to you, but it is our duty to inform and protect the most innocent and vulnerable within our society. “In a world we must defend,” you know?

With that being said, PEDESTRIAN.TV has it on heartbreakingly good authority that there are several regular Pokémon that cannot, and will not, be captured on this island we call home. 

Conversely, our nation is home to one particular critter, Kangaskhan, which other continents are yet to stumble across in the wild.

This information gives credence to the fan theories, collated through thousands upon thousands of lived experiences (and some data-mining) that posit the geo-locked nature of some non-legendary ‘Mon.

American Reddit users have alleged they’ve hatched Farfetch’d (locked in Asia) and Mr. Mime (from Europe) from eggs, but those two are yet to be seen in the wild outside those regions.

Hate To Break It To You, But Some Pokémon Simply Aren’t Here In Australia

Furthermore, if you’ve caught yourself a Tauros outside of North America, you must truly have been blessed by the overlords at Niantic, who seem to have plonked ’em all in and around the States.

Those three Pokémon stuck abroad join the ranks of Ditto and the original legendaries as currently un-catchable in Australia. We’re sorry. 

This means that to actually catch ’em all, you’re going to do more than walk. On the plus side, more motivation to explore the world – which seems to be the app’s primary purpose. 

But still, come on guys.

Source: Business Insider.
Photo: Paul Watson / Getty.