Has David Letterman Ruined ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ For Everyone?

Anne Hathaway, who (despite her edgy pixie crop and penchant for black Givenchy) is still pretty beige (lovely, but beige) is doing the press rounds for her upcoming role in the unbelievably highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. As a celebrity on the promo junket is wont to do, Hathaway took to Letterman to talk about her role as Catwoman in the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and her upcoming role as Fantine in Les Misérables.

Here’s the shit kicker: in the interview, not only did Letterman refer to Nolan as “the director guy” but he has potentially ruined the ending of The Dark Knight Rises for everyone. I won’t reveal what it is exactly that Letterman gives away like some websites (thanks, The Hollywood Reporter) – and you can guess if you really think about it – but suffice to say Hathaway was left pretty shocked and (half) jokingly issued an on-air apology to Nolan.

If back peddling in the Tour de France were a recognised skill, then Letterman and Hathaway would be tied first for the yellow jersey right now. Head’s up: the spoiler is around the 9:25 mark. Alternatively, skip this and see below.