BLOODY HELL: Harry Potter Wand Choreography Classes Are Coming To Melbourne & They’re Free

Wands at the ready! Harry Potter wand combat choreography is apparating into Myer and our duelling skills are going to be off the fucken’ charts.

Paul Harris, the legit dude who taught the cast of HP how to do those sleek poses when casting spells, is going to be teaching wand combat choreography masterclasses in Melbourne’s Harry Potter at Myer store this month.

But put your golden galleons away, ‘coz the class is totally free!

As you’ll remember, in the second Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, charlatan wizard Gilderoy Lockhart, with the help of potions master Severus Snape, teaches the students to cast and block spells.

Then as the films progress, we see the students cast more and more complex spells, which were no doubt guided by Harris.

So fire up your flying car, grab your broomstick or stock up on floo powder, ‘coz from Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March, you’ll be given the chance to hone your spellcasting skills.

To register for a masterclass visit Tickets are limited and restricted to two per person.