Hannah Gadsby (!!) Is Married (!!!!) So Please Meet Her Hot New Wife, Jenney

hannah gadsby

Hannah Gadsby woke up today and chose love. The comedic powerhouse introduced her WIFE Jenney to Twitter, telling the world that “we are very chuffed” and that this was her version of “gushing”. You guys, my heart.

She posted a photo of her WIFE (sorry, there’s going to be a lot of all-caps in this post) eating ice-cream, which is so wholesome it hurts.

“I’d like to introduce all y’all to Jenny,” Hannah said.

“She’s a producer extraordinaire. She’s funny and very talented at reciting facts. We just got MARRIED and we are very chuffed. This is me gushing. I’m full of very positive feelings. Thanks to all y’all who voted for marriage equality.”

God, it feels like a lifetime ago, but marriage equality only passed in Australia in late 2017. It took so much work by activists to get us there (far, far later than it should have), so how nice of Hannah Gadsby to shout out everyone who voted ‘yes’ in the plebiscite. Sorry. I love her.

The comedian – who blew Australia and then the world away with her award-winning show Nanette – was one of the biggest voices against holding a plebiscite in the first place, because of the harm it would inflict on young queer Aussies to have their existence and rights ‘debated’.

“I don’t want young kids to hear the kind of horrific bile I was forced to listen to [then],” she wrote on Facebook.

“For many, the debate was theatre. For me, it made me hate myself so deeply I have never been able to develop an aptitude for relationships.”

That post was in 2016, and it’s heart-breaking to read it now. But (without sounding horrendously twee) it also shows how far she’s come, which feels like an important message for any young LGBTQI person who might be struggling to hear.

Anyway. Congrats to this legend. May endless joyous days be in your future, queen.