Great White Shark Bites Fishing Boat In NSW

Imagine you’re in a tiny fishing boat, kilometres from land, nothing separating you from the deep blue sea but a thin metal hull. All of a sudden, a five metre shark appears! It’s bigger than your boat, and hungry. What do you do? Well, If you’re Daniel Flemming and James Tate of Pottsville, NSW, it’s selfie time!

The two fishermen took some pictures, fed it some tuna and tried to pat it; a fairly relaxed response, given that “it was a shark the same size as the boat and it pushed the boat around a couple of times… It was a bit daunting.” WAS IT DAUNTING? WAS IT?

When the shark started to literally bite the boat, they slapped it away – and in what might be the single most chilled thing to happen all year, felt bad about it. Mr Tate said the shark was having a good time, and it “didn’t want to go away”.

Chillers of the Year 2k14?