Pls Watch In Abject Horror As This Fuck-Off Huge Shark Tried To ‘Inhale’ A Boat Off WA’s Coast

Hello everyone and welcome to my nightmare: this video of a huge shark appearing out of nowhere and trying to take a chunk of these fishermen’s boat back underwater with it. This is why I refuse to swim in the ocean.

Now look, I don’t hate sharks. In fact I love them, I think they’re very cool and interesting. Oh, you were a horse girl in primary school? I was a shark and dinosaur girl. But does this mean I ever want to see one in person? Close enough to count its hundreds of teeth? Hell fucking no.

These four fisherman had to though, and the footage of a big pointy boi trying to rip out the propellor from their boat will haunt me for the rest of my life. Humans don’t belong in the ocean!!! I am never going in there!! Let the sharks rule it like the kings they are!!

The unfortunate fisherman at the centre of this story were on their annual fishing trip off the coast of Western Australia when a bronze whaler shark swam up to them and chose violence.

The three-metre aqua bulldog attempted to eat their boat’s propeller before trying to take a bite out of their motor.

Captain Matt Zen said that never in his “wildest dreams” did he think he’d have to deal with a “monster” shark trying to chomp his boat out of existence.

A shark attacks a boat in western Sydney, biting the propeller
Nope. Image: 9News

“He took a liking to the engine and he hung on there for a good few minutes,” he said, per 9NEWS.

“We started to get a bit worried about how we were going to get him off.”

Fellow fisherman Jarryd England said the shark “inhaled the entire propeller”, like my friends when they find men with 17,000 red flags.

“And that’s a big engine,” he said.

Thankfully men, boat and shark survived the incident. But let’s hope no other Big Biteys make the news like this, yeah?