Gaze Upon Poor Vanilla Liam Hemsworth At The Veritably Crazy Cyrus Fam Xmas

Poor Liam Hemsworth
He seems like such a nice, normal dude, doesn’t he? A top bloke. 
The guy is dating Miley Cyrus though, who also seems like a very nice person, but does come from an incredibly kooky family. Quirky, thy name is Cyrus
So, when Liam attends the crazy, quirky ~2 weird 4 U~ Cyrus family Christmas, the photo ends up looking a bit like this:

Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing ??

A photo posted by Brandi Cyrus (@brandicyrus) on

Miley‘s older sister Brandi posted that photo a day or two ago, but the internet has just discovered it and boy are they concerned for Liam‘s sanity. 
He’s sporting an incredibly normal plain brown jumper and jeans, as well as an awkward body posture, a meaningless half-smile, and the cold, dead stare of someone who has just their soul sucked straight out of them. 
He’s standing next to Billy Ray Cyrus, who is apparently the only person in the world who can look exceedingly murderous while holding a hyper-adorable smol pupper. 
Then there’s Miley of course, who now exclusively wears clothing that looks like pyjamas. Which sounds kinda great, now that we think about it. 
Comments on the Instagram photo include plenty of people tagging friends with obvious choice of “OMG YOU ARE/I AM LIAM”, as well as:
“Liam looks so awkward lol”

“Liam looks like a cardboard cutout in this picture or maybe photoshopped in!!”

“Poor Liam…looks like an outsider… “

“Liam Hemsworth looks so out of place here”

“this photo makes me uncomfortable”

“OMG, LIAM is like “i’m a Cyrus, but not already””

“one of these is not like the others”

“Lol Liam looks so uncomfortable”

“It looks like Liam is photo bombing the photo lol”

“Ya all a bunch of fuckin weirdos and then there’s Liam 
Look, this is very likely another ‘Ryan Reynolds at Taylor Swift‘s July 4 party‘ deal all over again (he later explained his hilarious ‘I hate this so much, please kill me‘ face in very normal and understandable terms), but hey – we’ll soon see. 
Over the holidays, if you’re slamming mimosas just to be able to deal with the family of your significant other, just remind yourself: Liam Hemsworth feels your pain. 
Source: Instagram / @brandicyrus.

AUTHOR NOTE: A previous version of this article stated Brandi Cyrus was a cousin, rather than a sister. My deepest apologies to the Cyrus fans I deeply distressed with this error.