‘Game Of Thrones’ Drops Season 8 Teaser And Reveals Sneaky Premiere *Month*

George R. R. Martin inspired the final season of Game Of Thrones in more ways than you might think. Sure, he created the source material for the biggest fantasy TV series of all time, but he’s also known for continually delaying the expected release dates of his books. Fans have been waiting aeons for the mastermind to finish Winds Of Winter; at the same time, Game Of Thrones obsessives have been driving themselves spare waiting for a release date of the HBO show’s final season.

At last, there is an answer. For show-watchers, at least.

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A new teaser clip, compiled from some of the series’ most climactic moments, reveals the final season will premiere in April 2019. That’s a cool eight years after TV audiences were first introduced to the wild world of Westeros.

Recent behind-the-scenes glimpses at the Game Of Thrones set revealed there are still a bloody bucketload of surprises waiting for audiences, but at least they now know when to book time off work to deal with the emotional repercussions of the show coming to a gory close.